Welcome to Global Business Development,

At GBD, we recognize that growing your business in foreign markets is an expensive and time-consuming process. Execution of a business development strategy and targeting sales from a local market often involves a large initial investment of resources with a profit foreseen only in the distant future. GBD offers a revolutionary and cost-efficient alternative.

At GBD, we put you first and are dedicated to promoting your company in the Israeli market. Representing your company in Israel, we will work closely with you to understand your mission, core values and overall vision. We will contribute our in-depth knowledge of the Israeli marketplace, our extensive business connections, and our business development expertise. Together, we will create a marketing and sales generation strategy tailored to the Israeli market with clear objectives and timeframes. GBD will suggest sales targets and providing frequent ongoing reports detailing market penetration and sales growth.

GBD delivers a quality service to its clients. Our team of highly qualified and skilled professionals with a track record of sales generation will achieve results. GBD, with its unique access to a vast network of business, media and governmental contacts vital for developing strategic alliances, overcoming administrative hurdles, and driving revenue growth, actualizes your company’s income potential in Israel.

Meet us and hear how we can help you grow your business in Israel.

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